Jason Eckert

Aside from being 98% chimp, I am a dean, teacher, author, father, grandfather, musician, science buff, arcade game freak, technogeek, software engineer, cloud architect, computer collector, UNIX & Linux preacher, coffee worshipper and outdoor adventure lover. The illustration shown here was created by Choolee (https://art-by-choolee.com) based on her impression of me only. I’m also pretty easy to get along with. Feel free to drop me a line via email (jason.eckert@trios.com), Twitter or LinkedIn (I ditched Facebook/Meta many years ago for good and so should you). You can use the Sections menu in the navbar to peruse my site, or search for specific articles and blog posts using either Search or Archive. Recent articles and blog posts are listed below.


Reboot your mind once a day

Working in tech industry can be difficult and stressful. But if you reboot your mind once a day, you'll stay relaxed and focused.

RISCy business: The long and convoluted rise of today's dominant computing platform

In the 1980s, RISC was the future. By the early 2000s, it was the past. And now it's the future again.

How modern open source projects work

Simply put, open source is how we do software development today (insert mic drop). But what does open source actually mean, and how does it work in modern software development projects? Well, that's what we'll examine in this blog post.

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