Jason Eckert

Aside from being 98% chimp, I am a dean, teacher, author, father, musician, science buff, arcade game freak, computer collector, technogeek, and outdoor adventure lover. I’m pretty easy to get along with too! Feel free to drop me a line via email at jason.eckert@trios.com or on social media. I gave up Facebook/Meta many years ago for good (and so should you!), but I still frequent Twitter and LinkedIn. You can use the Sections menu in the navbar to peruse my site, or search for specific articles and blog posts using either Search or Archive. Recent articles and blog posts are listed below.


Ontario's Computer Part 2: The LEXICON Server

In this follow-on to my previous blog post, I'll examine the brains behind the Burroughs ICON computer: the LEXICON server that all ICONs connected to across an ARCNET network.

Ontario's Computer: The Burroughs ICON

Back in 1984, the Ontario government made their own computer for the school system, but ordered school boards to send them all to landfill a decade later. In this post, you'll explore one that survived and learn why it was cool.

Using Asahi Linux as a developer workstation

Linux now runs natively on M1-based Macs. And it's super fast!

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