Jason Eckert

Aside from being 98% chimp, I am a dean, teacher, author, father, musician, science buff, arcade game freak, computer collector, technogeek, and outdoor adventure lover. I’m pretty easy to get along with too! Feel free to drop me a line via email at jason.eckert@trios.com or on social media. I gave up Facebook for good, but I still frequent Twitter and LinkedIn. You can use the Sections menu in the navbar to peruse my site, or search for specific articles and blog posts using either Search or Archive. Recent articles and blog posts are listed below.


The future looks a lot like mainframe computing

In the early days of technology, mainframe computing ruled the world. And it looks like we're returning to that computing paradigm again.

Relating Silicon Valley to the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor

HBO's sitcom 'Silicon Valley' has been praised for its accurate depiction of Silicon Valley culture. But how does it compare to tech culture outside Silicon Valley, specifically in Ontario Canada?

Mastering the Zen of TrackPoint

The TrackPoint is that weird round thingy on laptop keyboards that few know how to use. But if you get the hang of it, you'll navigate your system like a Zen master.

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