iThink therefore iMac



The old expression “Mac users usually swear by their computers…..Windows users typically swear at their computers” got to me last week when my instructor computer’s Windows desktop and applications froze 3 times at the beginning of class. As a result, my Terminal Services connection (that I use to record daily quiz marks) was destroyed each time. So I brought an old iMac G3 with OS X Tiger into my classroom this week and put it on a switch box so that I can use it to record marks across Terminal Services (OS X doesn’t crash) while keeping my instructor computer free for classroom use. On the plus side, it also allows me to demonstrate the portability of the commands that I am teaching in my Linux Administration class next week and it looks good at the front of the room - I was never a big fan of the G3 iMacs when they first came out because they ran OS 9, but I must admit that they are sleek looking computers :)