RIM is dead. Long live RIM.



The worst possible news for RIM right now is a delay in bringing some sort of modern product to market. In other words, delaying their QNX “killer” smartphone. But that is exactly what they announced last night - QNX phones won’t be ready until the end of 2012.

The problem is that they are already behind their competitors with little chance at turning the company around and maintaining a big presence in the smartphone market. This delay will pretty much cripple their chances of catching up with iPhone and Android.

I sort of feel sorry for RIM though - they are a bureaucratic mess at all levels that really doesn’t know how to change fast enough to meet market needs because they never had to before. Apple and Android come along and ate their cake and they couldn’t defend themselves.

On the other hand, there is part of me that doesn’t feel sorry for them because their success in the past developed into a culture of extreme arrogance at all levels, and I was treated very poorly during our academic relationship as a result. You know the old saying: What goes around, comes around. And payback is a bitch.

And speaking of payback, check out the headlines I found on Google News today from this past month:

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  • RIM’s Stock Falls Below Book Value

  • BlackBerry Outage Prompts Class Action Suit

  • BlackBerry maker’s shares fall to seven-year low

  • RIM hit with consumer lawsuits over BlackBerry outage

  • Apple discovers last unkicked spot on RIM’s ass, kicks it

  • BlackBerry ‘on a knife edge’

  • RIM share target slashed as PlayBook price falls

  • The Only Reason to Use a PlayBook Is DOS

  • Apple surpasses BlackBerry in enterprise

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