Cult of Mac Book


Cult of Mac book cover

A few weeks ago, I was out at a social event with a bunch of guys and gals from the local Linux/UNIX/developer/IT community (contrary to popular opinion, Linux/UNIX people know how to party hard).

At one point during the night, we were sitting at a round booth and poking fun at a total Apple fanboy in our group. Someone called him a “Cult of Mac member” and he replied, “And proud to be one - I could write the book on the cult!” to which I replied, “Firstly, you’re not an accomplished author. Secondly, as a cult survivor, I’m the one who should be writing the book.”

A few drinks later, I somehow got roped into making a bet that I could write a proper book on the Cult of Mac in a weekend. So I did. During the freezing cold weekend we had two weeks ago. It’s called Escaping the Cult of Mac: A Guide from a Cult Survivor.

You can download the PDF of the book here:

It’s 76 pages long as has the following chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Acquiring context: A brief history of personal computers and Apple
  3. Defining the cult: What’s it all about?
  4. Psychology, fake ideals and influencers: Why people join the cult
  5. Cult evangelism: Keeping you in the cult
  6. Diagnosing cult members: A survey
  7. Leaving the cult: The why and how
  8. Final thoughts
  9. Additional reading

When I was finished, I sent the PDF out to everyone.

Most reactions were “The was freakin’ hilarious, and so very very true!” However, there were a few people (all of whom were Cult of Mac members) that were quite irked by what I wrote (irony is not dead ;-).

Anywho, it’s true, it’s funny, and it’s worth a read.

However, like any satire, it is not politically correct (no haters please).