The end of 2007



It has truly been an exciting year, and I wish to take a few moments to reflect on some of the most important events of 2007 in geekdom:

  1. Halo 3 being released (I love that game)

  2. Microsoft pissing off millions with Vista

  3. The death of SCO (may they rot in hell)

  4. Apple releasing the iPhone and iPod touch (the next generation interface for everything)

  5. The introduction of the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet running Linux (drool….)

  6. Apple releasing OS X Leopard and the migration of many PC users to Macs

  7. The IT Crowd Season 2

  8. The rapid development of Compiz on Linux making it the sexiest desktop around

  9. The NYSE switching to Linux

  10. Entertainment Weekly labelling 2007 as “The Year The Geek Was King”

  11. Merriam-Webster announcing that the 2007 Word of the Year is “w00t”