eMac family photo frame


eMac photo frame

Sometimes, you just do things that bring out the geek within……well……today is one of those days. Guess what you can do with the front bezel of an Apple eMac? Make a family photo frame!

Simply find a piece of glass that is 14”x11” and place it on the inside of the bezel. Next, place your picture on the glass (preferably with a nice thick matting to add depth) and screw a 15”x12” piece of pressboard into the existing screw holes on the inside of the bezel and you will have a portrait that geeks will immediately notice when they enter your rec room. I think I will call it the iFrame.

UPDATE: MacWorld UK later asked me if they could post this on their site - you can find it here: https://www.macworld.co.uk/opinion/apple/101-uses-old-mac-photo-frame-3485123/