Roughing it on vacation



Yup - it’s vacation time again! And this next week I plan to do nothing but relax, get a tan, drink “Muskoka Dry Pale Ginger Ale” and read a few books that I haven’t had the time to open yet. And yes, my daughter is going to swim all week long - that is her in the water with the kids from the cottage next door.

Now you are probably wondering why I am blogging on my vacation……shouldn’t a vacation be devoid of TV/phones/Internet/computers? Well, in a way, I am abandoning technology for the whole week - I am writing this blog on a greyscale PowerBook 140 (1992), saving my work in ClarisWorks to a floppy, and transporting it to my current Macintosh when I return via an external USB floppy drive. How RETRO! Now that is what I call “roughing it”.